Rot / Root


Rot / Root

The Rot/ROOT Language

The aser alphabet is made up pictograms based on the straight line (pole) and of the circle (sun). Each pictogram/symbol has a meaning. Put together or played with, in rot language: "ord-lek", these symbols/letters form words that make up more words of the so called Rot or root language / sound system. Swedish is today the closest language to the Root language. English is also based on the rot/root language. The english word rot meaning decompose, going back to the roots of plants. Many swedish and english words are slightly different / very similar. Rot/Root.  Tags: #AshTree #Oak #Yggrasil #E-den #Pa-Ra-Di-S

Aser Alfabet

A | Aser. The original or first people. A-ser. Ser in rot language is to see.

B |  Be, Borg. Be in rot langue means to ask or pray. Borg means castle, fortress, to protect your mother. B is a pictogram of mother.  Swe. Barn, En. means child.

C | Se, Skära. Pictogram of a moon crest that forms the form of an closed eyelid when at the north pole. Swe: Se. Eng See

D | Dag, Dia, Eng. Day also means Swe. dia, Eng. To nourish and infant

E |  Ek , Eng: Oak

F | Frö, Frej, Freja.  Frö = Seed in english. Frej and Freja where the 2 firs people.

G | Grund, gro.  Eng: Ground, grow

H | Hel, Helsinki, Helios, Helsa, Helig, Hjerta, Hjelp. Hel meaning whole. Helig meaning holy. Hello, Helios

I | i. eng: in. Symbolizing the earth axis with the north star straight above, the constant sun and it's reflection in the water at the north pole above as well the male sex. pi = means you are on the circle that always shines.

J | Jarl. Eng: Earl, highest cast of society

K | Karl.  Eng: Man. Middle cast.

L | Lag. Law. 2 poles in a 90 degree angle.

M | Måne. Moon

N | Nordstjärnan. North star.

O | Oden. Odin. The sun, your sun.

P | Påle. Pole

Q | Kvadrat, Square. A circle with a pole in the corner.

R | Ra. Sunrays, sperm, king.

S | Sol. Sun and soul comes.

T | Tor. The male sex. There of Thor's hammer, Tor's day = thursday, Swe: Torsdag.

U | Ursprung. Origin

V | Van. The van or one people meaning the Finnish people who live outside of the ringland, Eden, Odenma, Paradiset.

X | Eks. Oks

Y | kvinna, Ygdrasil. Pictorgram of the woman.

Z | Zäta. Lightning.

Å | Å. Meaning small river. In swedish

Ä | äta. Eat

Ö | ö. Island

Ø |